On Mon, 27 Jan 2003 Tom Compton wrote:

I did some testing of the Kinetic Trainer, 1UpUSA trainer, and Kreitler rollers (large and medium). Here is a plot of the data:

The data I collected for the Kinetic Trainer does not seem to agree with the data posted at

The curve through the plot is a validated model equation for a 165 lb rider, 23 lb bike, sea level, 1% slope, .35 CdA, and .004 coefficient of rolling resistance.

Tom Compton

Here is more data taken from the same machine at a later date:

Maybe more data points give a better curve? Maybe time to warm up the fluid makes a difference?

Power required to drive the Cycleops Fluid 2, according to Graber. On the right speed is figured according to their gearing.

And here's similar data measured using a Power-tap hub:

setstats 1