A Fabulous Weekend in Rochester for Chris & Steve's Wedding!!!

What a handsome couple!!!

And the band played on...

Some of the Detroit crew is in Da House!

Hanging out on the veranda.

Chris and Saundra sharing a moment.

Saundra wore head-to-toe velvet just for her Dad.

What a great place for a wedding reception

Who let all of the Armenians in here, anyways?!?!

"Waiter...I'll take a Michelob."

Something borrowed, something blue...

And what did you have for breakfast at the Super-8?

Rochester newsflash:  Biker Chick marries Biker Dude - a Match Made in Heaven!

Saundra and her new best friend...and who's the other girl?

Saundra has found herself quite a fella!

The obligatory round-em-up photo.

Who needs a limo when ya gotta Hog?