My Bikes

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This is my recently acquired Colnago (pronounced: kol-NAH-go) OvalMaster in Team Rabobank colors - my dream bike!
  • Frame - Colnago 6/4 Ti OvalMaster, 61cm (c-t)
  • Fork - Easton EC-50 All-Carbon*
  • Cranks/BB - Campy Record, 175mm
  • Derailleurs - Campy Chorus 8
  • Brake Levers/Shifters - Campy Chorus Ergo 8
  • Brakes - Campy Chorus Differential
  • Pedals - Speedplay X-2
  • Bar - 3TTT Forma SL, 46cm
  • Stem - Ritchey WCS Threadless, 13cm
  • Headset - Campy Record Threadless
  • Hubs/Rims - Campy Record/Omega Aero Hardox Tubular, 32-hole
  • Seatpost - Weyless Alloy
  • Saddle - San Marco Era Pro

This is my Ciöcc (pronounced: CHOACH) Mockba '80. This bike has an interesting history: I acquired it used in the Spring of '88, and that Fall it was stolen when my house was burglarized in college. About 4 years later I got a phone call from a former teammate who's roommate apparently "had a friend that bought it at a flea-market." Yeah, right. I repurchased the frame for a couple hundred bucks and let it sit around gathering dust until '98 when I had it restored at Assenmacher. Based on some informal research I've done, it's an '84 model created to commemmorate the '80 Moscow Summer Olympics. The actual build described below differs from the pictures because this frame has been pressed into service as my indoor trainer bike.
  • Frame - Columbus SL, 58cm (c-c)
  • Fork - Profile SC
  • Cranks/BB - Campy Record, 175mm
  • Derailleurs - Super Record
  • Brake Levers - Campy Chorus
  • Shifters - Mavic Retro-friction
  • Pedals - Speedplay X-3
  • Bar - Cinelli Eubios, 44cm
  • Stem - Cinelli X-A, 13cm
  • Headset - Campy Chorus
  • Hubs/Rims - Campy Chorus/Mavic MA-40, 32-hole
  • Seatpost - Interloc
  • Saddle - San Marco Era Pro
ps. wondering what "Ciöcc" means? I'm not 100% certain, but I've heard that it means "poker face."

This is my Bottecchia (pronounced: bo-TEK-ee-ah) Team-ADR.  For those of you that have been following the sport for a while, this is the same model that Greg LeMond rode to victory in the '89 Tour de France. I bought this frame with the insurance proceeds from my stolen Ciöcc (above), and it served me well through my collegiate and early post-collegiate racing days. Right now it's built up as my "winter-wagon", sporting a 39x16 fixed-gear and a nice melange of old and new componentry. Here's the build: 
  • Frame/Fork - Columbus SL/SP, 59cm (c-c)
  • Cranks/BB - Campy Chorus, 175mm
  • Brake Levers - Campy Chorus Aero
  • Brakes - Campy Chorus Mono-planar
  • Pedals - old Speedplay X-2
  • Bar - ITM Forté, 44cm
  • Stem - Cinelli X-A, 13cm
  • Headset - old Shimano DuraAce
  • Hubs/Rims - Suzue Hi-Flange Track/Mavic MA-40, 32-hole
  • Seatpost - Suntour XC Pro
  • Saddle - San Marco Era Pro

This is my Bridgestone RB-2 which I converted for cyclo-cross use (I'm calling it a "CX-2" now). I purchased the bike in '99 from some guy in rec.bicycles.marketplace with the intent of using as much of the existing componentry as possible to build up a cheap 'cross bike. Unfortunately the bozo I bought it from didn't maintain it worth a lick and all of the componentry was basically worthless. So I ended up spending more than I intended in getting it built-up properly (probably could have bought a new, complete 'cross bike!), but it was a fun project and it has way more character than any off-the-peg 'cross bike. Barry Riopelle, from Metro Bikes, brazed on some rear cantilever studs and a very cool single-arm rear brake cable stop. Barry threw in a fork with canti-studs for free, and it was good to go. After riding it for a year or so, I had the frame retrofitted with S&S Couplers by Bilenky Cycle Works for training while I'm traveling. The build is a very cool mish-mosh of stuff:
  • Frame - Tange MTB, 58cm (c-t) with S&S couplers
  • Cranks/BB - Campy Veloce, 175mm
  • Derailleurs - Campy Chorus 8
  • Brake Levers/Shifters - Campy Record Ergo 8
  • Brakes - Shimano LX Cantilever
  • Pedals - Crank Brothers Egg Beaters
  • Bar - ITM Scatto, 44cm
  • Stem - American Classic, 12cm
  • Headset - old Shimano 600
  • Hubs/Rims - Real/Velocity Aerohead, 32-hole
  • Seatpost - Kalloy 2-bolt
  • Saddle - San Marco Era Pro

This is my trusty '96 Fisher Hoo-Koo-E-Koo. It's ugly and heavy (27.5lbs), but it works like a champ! It's been upgraded significantly from stock thru the years - the only stuff that's stock are the derailleurs, brakeset, bar-ends, and stem. Here's the build: 
  • Frame - Fisher, 17"
  • Fork - RockShox Quadra 21-R with SuperStruts springs
  • Cranks/BB - old Shimano XT, 175mm
  • Derailleurs - STX
  • Shifters - GripShift Attack 8
  • Brakes - Alivio Cantilever
  • Pedals - Speedplay Frog
  • Bar - Kalloy Uno
  • Stem - Trek System 2, 15cm
  • Headset - Aheadset
  • Hubs/Rims - Shimano LX/Mavic 221, 32-hole
  • Seatpost - Post Moderne Suspension
  • Saddle - San Marco Era Pro