A Fun Weekend in Columbus for Jen & Tommy's Wedding!!!

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A great beginning to a great weekend

Eric and Allan giving their good friend and "groom-to-be" a lift

Two pretty girls...and Miller - now what's wrong with this picture?

The Cleveland connection.

This family sure knows how to pick their women!

The soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Reisman

The doctor practicing his church reading...in a bar...holding a drink and stogie

Eric, surrounded by women...how'd that happen?

Bo:  "My BABY is getting married tomorrow!"

There's the camera, Dad, straight ahead

The bride and her soon-to-be Father-in-Law

They did it...they really did it!

The parents of the groom, who need no introduction...

Who are these two good looking people...?

Any friend of Allan's is a friend of mine...

A future "Table 1" crowd

The night is still young, and we've already got a Tool sandwich in the house!  By the way, isn't that Kristin in front...and didn't her boyfriend leave earlier in the evening...

Seven short weeks!

I think Country has seen one too many Jerry Lewis flicks.

Peters ends up losing his shirt.  Hard to believe.  Not!  Oh, and isn't that Kristin getting in on the action...again?  Those ice-skaters, they are NUTS!

One lone freak and a wall.  What the hell is Coal Truck doing?

Look closely:  an unknown woman zips up her dress while Bo sports a leopard-skin bra...you make your own conclusion

And they said it couldn't be done.