My Horological Collection

Omega "Speedmaster Professional 50th" chronograph [2008]

  • Movement: hand-wound Omega 1863 (Lemania 1873).
  • Case: stainless-steel, 42mm.
  • this example of the legendary "moonwatch" celebrates the 50th anniversary of the speedmaster line.
  • aside from the special writing on the dial this particular example also features a high-finish version of the Lemania hand-wound chronograph movement, a sapphire crystal in place of the normal plexiglass crystal, and a display-back instead of the traditional solid caseback.

Vintage Girard-Perregaux "Olimpico" chronograph [1960s]

  • Movement: hand-wound GP 27-0 (Valjoux 726).
  • Case: stainless-steel, 42mm.
  • from a line of watched produced starting in the '60s to the '90s ostensibly commemmorating the Olympic games but never having any official affiliation. the line was stopped due to conflict with the International Olympic Committee over G-P's [unlicensed] use of the term "Olympic".
  • this particular example was apparently from a non-Olympic year, hence the dial featuring only the "Girard-Perregaux" signing. here's an example with an Olimpico dial.
  • case dimensions and shape are very similar to the later Heuer Autavia chronographs.

Vintage Orfina/Porsche-Design "MILITARY" chronograph [1970s]

  • Movement: vintage automatic Lemania 5100.
  • Case: stainless-steel, 41mm.
  • this design saw service, both official and unofficial, with a number of military organizations around the world; a comprehensive analysis of the variants produced can be found here.
  • this particular example is an ex-Venezuelan Air Force piece with "EJERCITO DE VENEZUELA" engraved on the caseback and a castellano date-wheel.

TAG-Heuer "2000" chronograph [1998]

  • Movement: automatic ETA 7750.
  • Case: stainless-steel, 40mm.
  • iconic TAG-Heuer sport chronograph design.

Omega "Speedmaster Split-Seconds" chronograph [2001]

  • Movement: automatic Omega 3600 (ETA 7750), chronometer grade.
  • Case: stainless-steel, 42mm.
  • carbon-fiber dial.
  • movement features a split-seconds (aka rattrapante, aka doppelchronograph) chronograph complication.
  • omega's vintage watch database notes that only 5,000 examples of this watch were produced in total from 1999 to 2001 -- quite low production numbers indeed!

Debaufre Nav-B 44 Flieger [2008]

  • Movement: handwound ETA 6497.
  • Case: stainless-steel, 44mm.
  • design inspired by the Luftwaffe's legendary "Beobachtungsuhr" from WW2. the original B-Uhrs were a massive 55mm in diameter -- perfect for their intended application, but impratical as an everyday wristwatch.
  • the original B-Uhrs were produced by Lange, Laco, Stowa, and Wempe.

Ollech & Wajs "Ranger/Royal Navy" hybrid diver [2005]

  • Movement: automatic ETA 2824.
  • Case: stainless-steel, 42mm.
  • the Ranger is a modern diver's watch manufactured by Ollech & Wajs based on a classic diving watch design by Heuer in the '70s.
  • dial and hands fitted to this example are based on a diver's watch issed by the British Royal Navy in the '60s and manufactured by Omega (the Seamaster 300).
  • to see a photo-essay of the creation of this custom hybrid watch, click here.

Seiko "Sports 100 Titanium" chronograph [1983]

  • Movement: quartz Seiko 7A28.
  • Case: titanium, 39mm.
  • The 7Ax8 line represents the pinnacle of Seiko's quartz chronograph designs. the 7Ax8 line is the the last of Seiko's quartz movements to feature full-metal movement construction -- there is no plastic to be found anywhere in the movment and the 15-jewel count rivals many mechanical watch designs!

Vintage Wakmann "A-11" cockpit clock [1950s]

  • Movement: hand-wound Wakmann with 8-day power-reserve.
  • Case: anodized aluminum designed for aircraft instrument panels.

Nixie Tube clock [2006]

  • Movement: electronic 60hz/line-sync.
  • Case: anodized aluminum.
  • retro-technology (pre-LED) vacuum-tube display with russian-sourced components.

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