we start with a TAG-Heuer superprofessional diver which had the misfortune of being high-polished by the previous owner. i wanted to return it to a more toolwatch/tactical condition, more true to it's intended purpose.

now the various bits are disassembled in preparation for work.

next step is masking various bits we want to protect from the abrasive blast.

now we bring our parts to the magic box for refinishing using 220grit aluminum-oxide @ 35psi. even though the box is "sealed" alot of crap sneaks out thru the seams and makes a mess.

now we bring our bracelet to get the media cleaned from the nooks and crannies. water looks dirty!

watch looks alot less shiny now!

now after some touch-up to the bezel, ready to wear.

on the wrist and ready for action! aluminum-oxide is much sharper media than glass-bead, so the finish is much more matte than the OEM finish. as you can see the OEM finish has a soft glow to it, while the new finish is a totally non-reflective matte finish. now it's one ugly bastard...and PURE TOOLWATCH!

interesting observation: the aluminum-oxide finish seems to darken up noticeably after several hours.

one final note...i do not do bead-blasting work on a commercial basis!