2009 Mulligan Cup
Winter Golfing with John and Jeff...these boys ain't the brightest
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Things learned about golfing in January in Michigan:
  1. Dont wait until the last day of the month hoping for a warm up. was supposed to be close to 30* but was 15* and windy
  2. 7 clubs is way to many!!! why did i carry a putter?
  3. The hardest thing about golfing in a foot of snow is.............walking to your ball.
  4. Dont use all white tees
  5. Dont let your cigar go out because you wont get it lit again
  6. On the green is 'in the hole'
  7. Lift, clean and place really takes on a whole new meaning
  8. Be sure to have at least one family member/friend crazy enough to go with you (Mac was in florida, so my brother got the nod)
  9. Wear lots and lots of layers
  10. Finally, when its that cold, single malt does nothing to warm you up