2009 Redline Superbike Ride #1
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~5 hrs in all. it was my first group ride on the scooter, and first time i'd really tried to ride the twisties for an extended period like this...and on unfamiliar roads to boot! at least i had the route in my GPS so i knew at least what direction we were going. we had a group of ~10 dudes and gals. bikes included: a couple 'busas, CBR1000, ZX14, GSXR1000, TL1000, a couple mid '90s 750 superbikes, CBR600F3, Ninja 650, and my crazy-fresh SV-R ;-) we were in the normal staggered formation and would single up when we got to any twisty sections.

it was enjoyable to have an opportunity to put theory into practice, my m/o was to find my own rhythm because i was so wary of tossing my bike down the road with every corner being new to me...had to keep something in reserve for off-cambers, decreasing radius, gravel, critters, etc. so riding at 6/10ths was the move. most of the guys knew the roads *really* well, so they'd really take off and rail the corners! needless to say, i was at the back of the group, riding my own pace. we'd pause every so-often, so it was no problem re-grouping.

the first section of twisties werent too tight, more gradually curving...but i was getting the feel for everything, so i had plenty to keep me busy. i settled down quite a bit for the 2nd section and felt real good. my plan for the day was to do all my trail braking well before the apexes, so i could keep the suspension settled and roll-on out of every corner. i got caught out by a couple decreasing radius corners and a couple double-apexers...but i was so far from 10/10ths pace, so no problem.

later in the day, i was getting tired...this was my longest ride of the season...so i turned off a little before the (late) lunch stop and headed home...i needed to keep some energy in the tank so i wouldnt compromise control and awareness. motored home on the super-slab, got caught in a small drizzle that lasted a couple minutes...i was moving, so i never really got soaked and the drops dried off right away.

all in all, a great ride!