photo-essay of upgrading my DirecTivo unit's storage capacity...

getting started

there's no going back!

instructions and notes aplenty!

top cover off...TWO HARD-DRIVES...WTF?!...back to the drawing board

after some head-scratching...calling it off...gotta buy a 2nd HD

a few days later...let's try this again

inventory now includes a 2nd HD

stay away from the power supply!

HD tray lifts out with minimal hassle

old HDs now getting backed up

backup finished...note modest recording capacity

not too shabby!

now i have a mess of HDs occupying every IDE channel...doing the mass movement of data to the new HD pair!

start the migration...hope there arent any typos!

note the time...and head out for dinner and the mall

finished...note the tremendous recording capacity!

note the time...and hit the sack

bright and early next morning, start putting everything back together

everything's back in place and ready to button up the enclosure

drum roll, please...things are looking good to start

SUCCESS - look at that recording capacity!

all done